Monday, 1 February 2016

Ice cream cupcakes

I love celebrating my littles' birthdays! Always trying to make the day special, coming up with themes or organising special days around things they love at the time; I just love the planning & creating of it all!!

One of my favourite parts has to be the making of the birthday cake. (I'm certainly no chef, but I just enjoy the trying) I ask them what sort of thing they would like, & attempt to produce something to wow them. 

So imagine my dismay last year when my tinkerbell loving littlest spotted a tinkerbell cake in Tescos & just pleaded for it!! Of course I couldn't say no! It was her birthday & once she'd seen it no other cake would have made up for it. We left Tescos with a very happy little lady & an unsettled Mummy :(

The only thing I needed to now make were some cupcakes. So.....inspired by Pinterest I decided to make them the cutest cupcakes ever!

I'm so pleased to be able to say they were a huge hit!! More so than the shop bought cake (yay! Fist pump! ;) ) & shhhhh don't tell anyone but they were actually very easy to make too!

The wafer ice cream cups are available in most supermarkets. I have seen many recipes showing how normal ice cream cones can be cut & stuck to stand - but truthfully that just looks far too complicated & stressful, & why need to when these look adorable & do a better job?!

For our ice cream cup cakes we used a simple chocolate sponge recipe - use your favourite one but keep it simple the cooking time is brief. (If you would like to know the one I used please feel free to leave a comment & I can post it for you.)

My TOP TIP would be to fill one cone only to about two thirds full. Place it in the middle of the baking tray & cook following your normal time guides. The cones are deceptively large & so you will probably need to cook for longer than a usual cupcake size; but keep checking.

By cooking one it allows you to check properly the exact cooking time & also the amount of cake mixture. Too much will obviously rise & overflow; or not enough will leave too much cone for the icing to fill. Once you feel happy with your tester cake simply fill the rest of the cones to the height you are now confident with, & for the time you have just worked out. Stress free & perfect!

Once cooked I piped some pale pink butter icing on the top, added of course the obligatory sprinkles & then the very sweet touch of a Malteser bunny! Voila cuteness overload!

The decorations you could put on top are endless - sweets, lollipops, paper flag toppers or even mini painted toys to coordinate with a theme (just make sure no one tries to eat those though! ;) ) 

I've been asked to make more for my other children's birthdays, so lots of fun new ideas for decorations to come. 

I also may have made my favourite go to sugar cookies; but they deserve a post all of their own I think ;)

So this was last years success, & tomorrow happens to be my littlest's birthday again, wish me luck as this time I've been asked to make a big pink birthday cake - I can't wait!! 

Bye for now, ABOE love to you all XX


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