Thursday, 9 June 2016

My first brand rep search.

Having a brand rep seems to be very common in other countries & something that we have only just recently, & openly, started to use here in the UK. The idea a very simple one; chosen recipients are sent free items for the exchange of (hopefully) gorgeous photos of their products in stylish homes, on beautiful littluns &/or in inspiring flatlays etc. 
Both parties use the images & are then able to promote each other to a wider circle of followers & therefore potential customers. With zero budget for advertising etc, I really liked the idea, but I didn't know any other makers, at the time that I could speak to for advice. So if you are debating whether to use brand reps or not I thought I would share my experience so far to help.

I love capturing images of my products and especially my daughter using the pieces but longed for gorgeous images similar to those in styled shoots that I could never afford having just started. So I decided to start an ABOEdesigns brand rep search & honestly the results have so far been amazing!!

Today I want to introduce you to my first brand rep Kristal Price Photography. (
Kristal is a photographer in Utah, America, happy wife & mother to three gorgeous girls. She captures families, products & birthdays in such a beautiful way - I mean seriously her images of pretty little ladies dressed in tutu dresses sitting with unicorns, (yes that's right unicorns!!) has me wanting to jump on a plane with my own littles for some magical shoot fun constantly!!

discovered Kristal via Instagram & instantly fell in love with her photographs & the way she captured her daughters. (These images in particular of her daughter's birthday just amazed me!!) From the very beginning she has been a joy to communicate with. I think anyone who is going to look for reps needs to bear in mind communication is the key! We both have ideas about how the products could be represented. Kristal took on board things that I mentioned and I truly appreciated that! But I also made it clear I wanted her to have free reign creatively. Trust is so important because after all you have to love the style your brand rep has in the first place!!

Looking at Kristal's photographs I think it's obvious why I fell in love with them! The magical & dreamy feel to them & also let's be honest isn't little Khloe just so gorgeous!!

The thought of having Kristal capture my pieces in images like this honestly was & continues to be, a dream come true!!

My brief was some might think, quite basic - light, bright whimsical images, girlie colours with a slightly vintage feel. If you follow me on Instagram chances are you will have probably noticed how emotional I get - yes it's no secret, since having children I have become an emotional mush! So it's maybe no surprise when I say that I teared up immediately when Kristal sent through my first batch of images!!

Kristal & I have made the effort to get to know each other & Im proud to call her my friend. We have further shoots & ideas planned, & I hope this is a collaboration that lasts for the foreseeable future. I'm so thankful for her talent & truly blessed that she wants to help me with the presentation of my pieces & brand.

The possibilities for future shoots are so exciting & I cannot wait to show you more!! My verdict on brand reps is very much a yes do it!!! It's been such a positive experience for me so far! (& I still have more brand reps to show you!!) 


  1. Jacqui!!! Can you please come to Utah?! I feel like you're a long lost friend... you are such a sweet and kind person. Working with you is such a joy. Thank you for your kind words. As I read this aloud to my husband I had a knot in my throat as I held back tears. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to fuel my passion for this art. Love to you friend!!

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